Why Is It So Expensive for In-Person Piano Lessons?

Many people want to learn the piano or give their child piano lessons, but they lament the cost of in-person piano lessons.

Why are these lessons so expensive, and are there more affordable solutions?


If you’re looking at a piano school or classes at a music center, these schools are paying out salaries to their teachers. This will always cost more than an individual who offers private lessons. Essentially, the music school acts the middleman, arranging lessons between students and qualified teachers. This inflates the price of lessons.


Again, this is going to be far higher in the case of music schools. They have a whole building with music classrooms to keep running, including the cost of rent or mortgage, utilities, salaries, employee benefits, cleaning services, and many other related expenses.

A private teacher who comes to your home will have the cost of gas and wear and tear on their car as they travel to and from your home, and possibly the expense of business insurance. A private teacher who teaches from a classroom of their own will have similar overhead to a school, but on a smaller scale.


There are costs related to marketing to bring in business. For a large business, this could include billboards, brochures, websites, and possibly even local commercials or newspaper advertisements. Individuals will likely have the expense of flyers, brochures, simple websites, and classified ads.

Self-employment Expenses

A private teacher has the added expense of social security and other taxes that are usually shared with an employer.

Skill And Training

Some teachers have more skill than others. Private teachers may have a degree in music, or only many years of taking piano lessons themselves, whereas someone running their own music school may have a master’s degree in music and an extensive work history teaching at colleges, being a choir director at a renown church, or conducting a local orchestra.

The time and money invested in such a distinguished musical career is bound to find its way into the price of music lessons.

Affordable Alternatives

It’s unnecessary to pay a premium for a teacher with a master’s degree when you’re only seeking beginning piano lessons. If you simply can’t afford the high cost of piano lessons given in person by a teacher, there are alternatives.

In this modern age you can learn piano right from the comfort of your home with piano education websites. Whether the student is a young child or an eager adult. There are a variety of ways to learn piano online, from video tutorials to piano software, that can teach you the basics of music theory and beginner piano, without the exorbitant costs.

Depending on the program, you may even be able to use the same software for multiple children, saving you even more money as time goes on.

Don’t let the high costs of in-person lessons deter you or your child from learning piano. Take advantage of the technology available, and start reaping the many cognitive, social, and mental benefits of piano lessons today.